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Rainy Day Play

Posted by Wood Designs Creative Team on

With the sporadic rain showers of summer, indoor play can quickly become the only option. Wood Designs' offers a variety of quality products that turn the classroom into a place where imaginations can run, rather than our little ones.

Students should feel comfortable and inspired in their classroom, it is vital in assisting young minds in growing and exploring. When play and learning time are forced to occur in the same shared space, teachers can quickly find themselves scrambling for activities to keep students busy and entertained. When the classroom is equipped with innovative, educational furniture, the stress of a rainy day is washed away.  

Dramatic play offers boundless opportunities for students to play. Their imaginations will take them far away from the classroom to wherever their minds will take them. 

The All-In-One Kitchen Center will fit into even the coziest of classrooms; with a complete stove, oven and microwave, sink dishwasher and more, this attractive play island will allow students to play hands on, writing up their own menu as they prepare a creative feast for their classmates. Featuring Pinch-Me-Not™ Hinges, pinched fingers and tears will be a thing of the past. 

Art stations are great tools for students to work at, and not just for the creative outlet they establish but also for the trust it develops between the teacher and student. As the student takes ownership of their own project they gain a sense of independence working away from the teacher, being trusted in a typically messy situation.