What exactly is the mortise and tenon joinery construction?

Wood Designs™ utilizes an exclusive mortise, glue, and steel pin assembly method. This means the weight of our products isn't relying on pencil-thin dowels, rather the weight of the product is relying on all 11 plys of the wood through hidden dados. 


What kind of warranty is included with the products?

All Wood Designs™ wood products carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship.

All Wood Designs™ hardwood chairs, tables, cots and block sets carry a 10-year warranty to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship. 

Wood Designs™ plastic wicker baskets  do not hold a warranty due to the nature of the product material.

The maximum warranty is limited to the actual cost of the product at hand. Our warranties do not cover damage or defects caused by misuse, abuse, or mistreatment. If one of our products ever fails to perform, simply contact us via phone, email, or fax to get connected with a customer service representative who will assist you.


What is the minimum order required?

Wood Designs™ does not enforce a minimum order requirement. Whether you want to order one, or one-thousand, we're here to fulfill your order. 


What kind of finish is used on the products?

Wood Designs™ products receive our exclusive Tuff-Gloss™ UV finish. Each item receives a triple coat of the finish, making our products stain and chemical resistant, while they also remain easy to clean and durable to years and years of wear and tear. 


Is there a drop ship fee?

No, there is no drop ship fee associated with Wood Designs™ orders.


Where are the products shippped out of?

Our products are shipped directly out of the Wood Designs™ campus, located in the heart of America's furniture manufacturing industry in Monroe, North Carolina. 


What height chair is the best option for this height table?

Based on our experience we make the following recommendations: 

14" Table Leg: 5" Chair

16" Table Leg: 7" Chair

18" Table Leg: 8"-9" Chair

20" Table Leg: 10" Chair

22" Table Leg: 12" Chair

24" Table Leg: 14" Chair

26"-28" Table Leg: 16" Chair

28"-30" Table Leg: 18" Chair


What is the right height chair for this age?

Based on our experience, we make the following recommendations:

2 Years Old: 6"-8" Chair

3 Years Old: 8"-10" Chair

4 Years Old: 10"-12" Chair

5 Years Old: 12"-14" Chair

2nd Grade: 14"-16" Chair

3rd Grade+: 15"-18" Chair


How do you clean the products?

Wood Designs™ recommends using a mild bleach solution to clean our products. Create a solution of 1 gallon of water to 1 cup of bleach for cleaning and sanitizing. It is essential to complete the cleaning process by wiping down the unit with a damp cloth and then drying thoroughly. 




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