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Product Overview

The Wood Designs Stainless Steel Appliances is a safe wooden pretend kitchen set with a modern twist for kids! This educational grade children’s appliance set is great for any young learners to explore and expand their motor skills and creativity with all sorts of fun and playful kitchen scenarios. This set features a preschooler sized refrigerator, stove and sink. The sink comes with a pretend chrome faucet with hot and cold knobs and a metal stainless steel sink to fill up with all of their dishes. The stove has a decorative backsplash and faux burners with correlating red knobs to help practice heating up and turning off the stove top. Next is the refrigerator designed with ample room to store all types of children’s food related toys. Every unit has additional storage inside ranging from 2 fixed shelves (stove & sink) to 3 fixed shelves for the refrigerator. Constructed from heavy-duty Birch Plywood with rounded edges and a recessed back for increased child safety. These units are designed and manufactured with seamless mortise grooves, secure metal fasteners and additional reinforcements contributing to exceptional joint strength and dependability for typical everyday use for any home or school environment. Every door is equipped with continuous Pinch-Me-Not™™ hinges that adds that extra bit of safety for wandering fingers. This product is GREENGUARD Gold certified for non-toxic emissions for indoor air quality. The stove total dimensions are 30"H x 22 1/8"W x 15"D. The sink total dimensions are 30"H x 22 1/8"W x 15"D. The refrigerator dimensions are 39 15/16"H x 22 1/8"W x 15"D. The Stainless Steel Appliances is delivered fully assembled straight to your door step! The Stainless Steel Appliances is proudly made in the U.S.A. with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Comes with Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

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