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Product Overview

Change the way you play with the working Wood Designs Loft Kitchen. Little ones can practice washing dishes and cooking while helping them learn essential life skills with pretend play fun. The automatic circulating flow of water from the rotating faucet, with an on/off switch, helps to develop water saving habits from a young age. Plastic sink runs on 4 AA batteries (Not Included) which will run for about 8 hours of non-continuous use. Fully tighten the battery compartment cover to prevent water from entering. Water must reach the sink hole level for the tap to properly pump water. If not in use, please empty the water from the sink.
We recommend not leaving the sink running when not in use.


The unit comes with kitchen toys including dishes, cookware, utensils, and vegetables, that can be stored in the empty sink tray when not in use or in the shelving below.
The Loft Kitchen is made frombirch plywood, with a high-pressure laminate top, and a plastic insert and toys.


The wooden unit comes with a lifetime warranty, the plastic toys and sink component although not under warranty, is available for purchase. The Loft Kitchen is treated with our exclusive Tuff-Gloss™ UV finish and is GREENGUARD® Gold certified for environmental safety, it’s suitable for use in any educational environment.
Dimensions: 33”H x 48”W x 18”D.



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